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** Special Conditions:  This private 30-minute one-on-one trial music lesson and consultation is a limited-time offer and is available to all new students.  Space is limited.
** Special Conditions: This private 30-minute one-on-one trial music lesson and consultation is a limited-time offer and is available to all new students.  Space is limited.
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DeGazon Music of Vaughan
Serving Kleinburg, 
Woodbridge, Nobleton, Maple, 
and Brampton
DeGazon Music Studios began in 1995. Rachel DeGazon, the founder, taught with the York Region Board of Education at Kleinburg Public School.

She was the school's music teacher at that time...  

The school music program took off and the students thrived under her musical leadership...

Families wanted more music instruction for their children and loved Rachel's passion for music...

So Rachel started offering private music lessons at that time...

Humble beginnings...

We are still in Kleinburg today...serving families and inspiring children to love music from all over Vaughan including Woodbridge, Maple, Kleinburg, Bolton, Nobleton, Schomberg, Caledon and into Brampton. 
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I definitely recommend 
checking them out...
My wife and I have been sending our children to Anthony & Rachel at DeGazon music in Klienburg for over 6 years. 

The honest truth is that my kids love the teachers & atmosphere. 

Degazon music school has been very supportive in various learning styles that our kids wish to pursue and has accommodated us where need be. 

Their teachers really "relate" to our kids as they are younger yet very knowledgeable/experienced in their instrument specialty. The fact of the matter is that we keep coming back every year because they are a quality music school. 

I definitely recommend checking them out if you are interested in pursuing music as a recreational or professional interest.
Chris & Tina La Delfa

Age: 14
Instrument: Guitar
Years playing: 6 years
Teacher: Mike
Interests: Loves, loves, loves playing guitar especially with his band. Also enjoys playing soccer and listening to music. His favorite band is Oasis and listens to a lot of classic rock. Favorite color is blue and is an avid Napoli soccer fan.

Age: 10 years old
Instrument: Piano
Years playing: 3 years
Teacher: Danielle
Interests: Loves playing outdoors, enjoys dancing and social events with family & friends. Favorite color is blue, and loves to listen to current pop music. Enjoys playing the piano on a daily basis and loves to play in front of people.

The La Delfa Family
DeGazon Music Students
Guitar Lessons in Mississauga
Vocal Lessons.  Learn to sing
Anthony DeGazon and Rachel DeGazon Music School Owners
From: Rachel and Anthony DeGazon
Mississauga, Canada

You know what?

The real big surprise came a couple years into working with Rachel to build DeGazon Music...

And that’s when everything really changed!

We finally figured out why learning to play an instrument early in life is so foundational to a life of success...

The truth is kids receive 
incredible hidden benefits 
while learning music…
You getting this? Could be amazing right?
Still with me?

As parents and educators, we discovered something important for all parents to know…

The truth is, that there are incredible hidden benefits kids receive while they are learning, practicing and playing a music instrument
  •  Benefits like character development and improved executive function (which is a set of mental skills that help you get things done)...
  •  Executive function helps you: Manage time. Pay attention. Important stuff...Right?
  •  This skill development takes place over time while learning music at a time when a child is growing and developing cognitively.
You getting this? Could be amazing right?
Reader's Choice Awards Winner 2017
Everyone wants the best for their children. 

Of course...right?

Because we discovered the incredible benefit students get and the joy we get from sharing our love and passion for music with young families, we've been able to:

1. Impact over 4,000 students by helping 1000’s of parents discover the hidden benefits children receive while learning music...

2. Combine our lifelong passions for music, helping others, and business...

3. Help to families musical live their dreams, as Rachel and I live out ours!

DeGazon Music in the Media...
What’s the bottom line?

Learning to play an instrument can be a game-changer in your child’s life...

Executive functioning, confidence, character, and discipline, are the most life-changing and critical benefits of music lessons, and they are always available to the families who value and pursue these benefits most.

As Sir Winston Churchill once said:

To each, there comes in their lifetime a special moment...
when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance...
to do a very special thing, unique to them and fitted to their talents....

What a tragedy if that moment finds them...
unprepared or unqualified for that which could have been their finest hour. 
DeGazon Music Has Already Helped Countless Families 
Around The GTA...  

Heck, even my 3 kids learned to play music
from the fantastic educators at DeGazon Music...

The Question Is, Are YOU Next?"
More Real Families...
More Real Results
Over 5 Years of very positive experience.
Learn to piano.
"Since 1995 Thousands of Families Have Joined Our Awesome Music Community!"
We love DeGazon Music! Our four children have had the privilege to take either piano, voice, guitar and drum lessons from DeGazon Music. 

It has been a very positive experience for more than 5 years for all of them.‬ Teachers are incredibly talented, exceptionally positive, and have shared their love of music with them. 

DeGazon Music has instilled music in our home and our children truly have an appreciation for music because of them. We would highly recommend DeGazon Music to anyone! - Bridget Leon, Mississauga ON
DeGazon Music of Mississauga
Serving Port Credit
Lorne Park and Clarkson Village
When Rachel and Anthony moved from Thornhill to Mississauga on the night of the blackout in August 2003, they took a leap of faith...and searched for new communities to serve.

In 2004, we opened another music school location based in South Mississauga...

Thankfully, from this location they've been able to work with so many wonderful families and students over the years...from Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and Etobicoke.
Google Reviews...
Mississauga Studio 
real music school reviews
As You Can See...
DeGazon Music Has Already Helped Countless Families Around The GTA...
The Question Is, Are YOU Next?
So How Does this Work?
  •  This FREE Trial offer is really 'no strings' attached. There is no obligation to buy 100% Guaranteed. 
  •  What's the catch? There isn't one. If you are not totally satisfied after your first paid lesson with us, we will gladly find you another teacher, or we'll refund all of your money. 100% Money Back.  Guaranteed.
  •  We have the tools you need...Our family portal, gives you online 24-7 access to all your account information - transaction history, contact info., registration details, and more. 
  •  We take care of all the little details around managing quality control, curriculum, payments, scheduling, and staffing so you and your teacher get to focus on your family's musical learning.
  •  Finding your teacher is easy... We have teachers with the teaching experience, great personalities, cleared background checks, and excellent musical training - the things that matter most to you.  
  •  Choosing your lesson day & time... we are flexible...We will contact you to schedule your lesson with the right teacher at the best available time for your family. We will work with you to schedule siblings at the same times and day to make life more simple for you.
Time Is Of The Essence...
Time flies... 

It's true.  As parents we want all to give our children the best opportunities to have fun, grow, and experience life...

Learning to play an instrument can be a game-changer in your child’s life...

The benefits of learning an instrument place over time while learning music at a time when a child is growing and developing cognitively.

So why wait...  
Here Is My "You've Gotta Be Crazy" Guarantee
This offer is really 'no strings' attached.  There is no obligation to buy and we don't do high-pressure sales tactics.  

That's our personal 100% Guarantee!
DeGazon Music Lessons
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Rachel and Anthony